Anonymous Redirect
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What is my refer?
With this webpage you are able to see what your referrer is. Easily check if your anonymization service or their browser settings are working correctly.
Step 1 - Add <a href="">What is my refer?</a> to one of your pages.
Step 2 - From your website Click on the link.
Step 3 - If you see a url then your browser is not hiding your referrer. If you like to learn how to hide browser referrer. Go to our browser anonymity section. If you would like you hide your visitors refer proceed to step 4.
Step 4 - To gain anonymity. Add to all your links. For example <a href="">What is my refer?</a>
Step 5 - If 'No referer / Hidden' is displayed by clicking on the link, that means the website owners are unable to track your visitor's source. You're one step further to anonymity!